CodePorting::Native::Cs2Cpp Namespace Reference


struct  VersionInfo
 Describes aspose_cpp version which includes revision and compiler options used. More...
struct  MismatchedVersionInfo
 Information on version info mismatch between system module and ported module. More...


void _getVersionInfo (VersionInfo &versionInfo)
 Gets version info for system library. More...
void _registerVersionMismatch (const MismatchedVersionInfo &mvi)
 Registers information on version info mismatch. More...
int _getMismatchedVersionInfo (MismatchedVersionInfo *mvi_arr, int mvi_arr_size, bool *all_items_returned)
 Fills mismatch version info array. More...

Function Documentation

◆ _getMismatchedVersionInfo()

int CodePorting::Native::Cs2Cpp::_getMismatchedVersionInfo ( MismatchedVersionInfo mvi_arr,
int  mvi_arr_size,
bool *  all_items_returned 

Fills mismatch version info array.

mvi_arrArray to fill.
mvi_arr_sizeSize of array passed.
all_items_returnedPointer to variable to set to true if array size was sufficient to hold information on all modules and to false otherwise.
Number of records written to array.

◆ _getVersionInfo()

void CodePorting::Native::Cs2Cpp::_getVersionInfo ( VersionInfo versionInfo)

Gets version info for system library.

◆ _registerVersionMismatch()

void CodePorting::Native::Cs2Cpp::_registerVersionMismatch ( const MismatchedVersionInfo mvi)

Registers information on version info mismatch.