CodePorting::Translator::Cs2Cpp Namespace Reference


namespace  Details


class  MemoryManagement
 Defines a methods that changes the lifetime of objects. More...
struct  MismatchedVersionInfo
 Information on version info mismatch between system module and translated module. More...
struct  VersionInfo
 Describes codeporting.translator.cs2cpp.framework version which includes revision and compiler options used. More...


void _getVersionInfo (VersionInfo &versionInfo)
 Gets version info for system library. More...
void _registerVersionMismatch (const MismatchedVersionInfo &mvi)
 Registers information on version info mismatch. More...
int _getMismatchedVersionInfo (MismatchedVersionInfo *mvi_arr, int mvi_arr_size, bool *all_items_returned)
 Fills mismatch version info array. More...

Function Documentation

◆ _getMismatchedVersionInfo()

int CodePorting::Translator::Cs2Cpp::_getMismatchedVersionInfo ( MismatchedVersionInfo mvi_arr,
int  mvi_arr_size,
bool *  all_items_returned 

Fills mismatch version info array.

mvi_arrArray to fill.
mvi_arr_sizeSize of array passed.
all_items_returnedPointer to variable to set to true if array size was sufficient to hold information on all modules and to false otherwise.
Number of records written to array.

◆ _getVersionInfo()

void CodePorting::Translator::Cs2Cpp::_getVersionInfo ( VersionInfo versionInfo)

Gets version info for system library.

◆ _registerVersionMismatch()

void CodePorting::Translator::Cs2Cpp::_registerVersionMismatch ( const MismatchedVersionInfo mvi)

Registers information on version info mismatch.